Republicans have a sense of humor: Just ask Stan Lee

Dana Dougherty with Stan Lee of Marvel Comics / Headline SurferPhoto for Headline Surfer / Dana Dougherty is shown here in costume with Stan Lee of Marvel Comics.
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ORLANDO, Fla. -- Republicans like myself battle the stereotype that we have no sense of humor. That we are stuffed shirts.

As a state committeewoman for the GOP, I am a die-hard Republican, through and through. There is a lighter side to the Republican Party and to me as well, honrstly.

If you don't believe me, just ask Stan Lee. Yes, that Stan Lee. Living proof.

There is a common stereotype that Republicans are stuffed shirts. That is not necessarily the case.

I am not doing a political column blog this time. I just want to show there is a lighter side to the Republican Party.

I am a die-hard Republican, but there is life outside of politics. Campaign season will be on us before you know it. My brother and I went to Mega Con on Saturday.

It is one of the few events that adults can dress up when it is not Halloween. Let me preference that My brother is the comic book expert. I do not know most of the characters. He is search the different vendors for the comics and graphic novels he likes. I dressed in costume.

I went as Super Girl. Mega Con and other similar venues are a way that young/old/tall/short/democrat/republican can enjoy. It is a place where adults can enjoy the characters of their youth; people watch or just have goofy fun. I even heard a rumor that a Republican Volusia County Councilman went with his daughter in costume.

Some people might know who Stan Lee is. He is the man behind Marvel Comics and is the most coveted person to get a photograph with. Some of you might know him from his cameos on the Big Bang Theory.

I was fortunate that my brother and I stopped at the hotel next door to the convention center to grab dinner. As we were walking out my brother spotted Stan Lee and he graciously took a picture with me. Republicans can have a lighter side to them. Life is not all about politics and sometimes there are venues were both sides can meet on common ground, like a comic-themed convention.

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