Thanks Floridians

EDGEWATER, Fla. -- All you Floridians, far and wide, I will miss you dearly. Top of the list will be the Barbers -- Mr. and Mrs. Barber; Melissa and brother, Nick - smart as a whip; cousin, Patrick - another standup gentleman.

And I must thank also Henry Frederick, who taught me whatever it is I know about writing in the form of journalism.

Frederick was always honest about my inabilities, which helped fashion whatever abilities I was able to create from raw talent and abled, experienced instruction. Truly, If not for the Barbers, and Mr Henry Frederick, I would not have had the wonderful opportunity to traverse to Florida and "pick 'em up and put them down" from January 2007 until Oct. 31, 2014.

And I must thank Jamie and Gabe Williams -- two friends who were ever there for me and taught me many important things as well. Both of them have been a blessing and a gift.

I appreciate you all immensely.

Editor's Note: Henry Frederick hired David Beilstein as a reporter when Frederick was the editor of the then-daily New Smyrna Beach Observer newspaper in 2007. Frederick left the Observer in July 2007 after seven months when it was converted to a weekl and then folded less thhan a year later. Beilstein resurfaced with Frederick on a couple years later, writing a community column. is the precursor to, aka Headline Surfer®. Beilstein recently returned to his native Vermont due to lingering health issues and will continue his community column on an occasional basis.
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Short Bio

David "Daniel" Beilstein, spent the better part of a decade in Central Florida, in New Smyrna Beach as a reporter for the former daily community newspaper, the New Smyrna Beach Observer, in 2008, and later attended Full Sail University. A kidney issue forced him to return to Essex, Vt., in November 2014, but he has agreed to continue writing his community column, the "Lion's Den" for, owned and operated by award-winning journalist and Online News Publisher Henry Frederick. Beilstein currently lives in Waverly, Ohio, and is awaiting a kidney transplant.